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Dr. Opesh Singh

Dr. Opesh Singh is the appropriate mentor to help you through the complexities of global business due to his 17+ years of experience in the Import-Export, Mining, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Real Estate. Maximize your profit and unlock new market opportunities with Industry Expert Dr. Opesh Singh guidance in International trade.

He was Awarded "MOST INFLUENTIAL YOUNG LEADER" & "India's Fastest Growing Brands” by AsiaOne and "MOST ENTERPRISING BUSINESS AWARD" in Dubai in 2022-2023

As a Business consultant, Dr. Opesh Singh specialize in providing end-to-end business solutions in the above sectors.


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A quick industry guide for your new business



Import and export are crucial elements of international trade, enabling the exchange of goods, services, and ideas between countries for economic growth and development.



Manufacturing is the process of transforming raw materials or components into finished products through various production techniques and machinery.



Mining involves extracting valuable minerals or resources from the earth and selling them to international markets for economic gain and industrial needs.



Infrastructure and real estate involve the development, management, and utilization of physical structures and land for various purposes such as housing, transportation, and commercial activities.

Essential Takeaways from the 3B Business Bootcamp: From Local to Global

Import-Export Strategies: Learn the foundations of international trade, such as how to source items, bargain for agreements, country selection , best product selection, how to get bulk orders and Safety securities best solutions for your import export business.

Manufacturing: Learn the benefits of starting manufacturing unit in abroad.
Investigate the complexities of manufacturing on a global scale, From country selection, product selection, government policies, raw material availabilities and tax holidays.

Mining Business Insights: Acquire knowledge of the mining sector in different opportunities such as Gold, Copper, Zinc, Iron ore and Diamond.
Enhance your mining operations by learning about resource identification, market analysis, sustainable mining practice’s, Government policies, Government Incentives and many more.

Market Research and Analysis: Learn the craft of market research to spot profitable business possibilities, comprehend consumers behavior, and make wise decisions based on market trends.

Legalities of International Business: Become familiar with the rules and structures that regulate international trade to ensure compliance and reduce risks in cross-border operations.

Investment and Financial Management: Create a strong financial plan for your global company ventures, taking into account budgeting, risk management, exchange rate variations, and funding sources.

Infrastructures: Learn the knowledge about Infrastructures business such as Road Contracts, Drilling Projects, Bidding Process, Government Legalities, etc

And you will get insights of other sectors such as PR ( Permanent Residency ), IT sector, Pharma sector, Hotel & Restaurants, Hospital, Education sector, Services ( Rental Equipment Business, Logistics), etc

Starting/Expanding an Import or Export Business to Increase Your Global Reach and Profits. To Boost-Up your business Join 3B Business BootCamp Now.

Insights from the 3B Business Bootcamp: Transform Your Business on a Global Scale

Interactive Sessions: Participate in real-time interactive sessions with Dr. Opesh Singh and other attendees to talk about current issues, shares knowledge, and create networking possibilities.

Q & A Sessions: During specially designated Q&A sessions, Dr. Singh will answer your particular questions. You will receive guidance and solutions that are suited to your international business .

Opportunities for Networking: Meet like-minded company owners, investors, and subject matter experts to build prospective partnerships and collaborations for upcoming ventures.

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