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About Dr. Opesh Singh

He is a Businessman, Author, Investor and a Global Business Mentor/Coach. He helps his clients make big profits by making complicated business topics easy to understand and apply in current economic environment. He is most famous for teaching overseas businesses. He has written 8 Bestselling Books and 10 Business Programs.

He offers a wide range of commercial solutions for ensuring effective International Market success for differently layered businesses.

If you want to start/expand Import-Export, Manufacturing, Mining, Hotel & Restaurant, Infrastructure or other business abroad then Opesh Singh is the right choice for you.

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Start/Expand Your Business with Dr. Opesh Singh’s Experience, Global Infrastructure, & Expert Team


Dr. Opesh Singh is the best mentor and business coach. He helped me start my overseas company in Ivory Coast (West Africa), and with his support, we are now running our company, “Cost Overseas Sarl”, successfully in the mining and export sector. I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to start or grow their overseas business.


Dr Ankur Pathak, Chairman Cost Overseas sarl, Ivory coast (West Africa)

Highly recommended! Opesh Sir’s program is motivating and he is always there to help. If you want to start or grow your international business, he is the best person to guide you.


Mr Syed Qadeer, Chairman

(A1 Global exporter suarl)

Our experience with Opesh Consultancy has been insightful so far. They have been proactive and helpful, and their market study analysis and product pre-requisites study have been extremely valuable. We look forward to a long and lasting partnership.
Chatterjee Overseas

Dr. Opesh Singh is the best business coach I’ve ever found. He helped me start my overseas import/export business, and I’m now exporting 5 containers of general commodities every month. He & his team are very cooperative and friendly, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to start or grow their overseas business. He is a real businessman with real knowledge.


Aswini Dash

Dr. Opesh Singh has been a tremendous help to my company as we have expanded overseas. He is always willing to offer his advice on leadership challenges or building high-performing teams. Dr. Singh knows that change is difficult for most people, but I have learned many valuable skills from him on how best to deal with these situations when they arise.


Bidisha Sengupta

( Roots & Trades Africa )

Dear Opesh Ji, I am always grateful to you, not only for setting up my business in Africa, but also for the time we spent together. Those days were some of the greatest moments of my life. I learned so much from you, and I am so thankful for your mentorship, friendship, and support.
Thank you so much, Opesh Bro. You are not just good, you are the best.


Mr.  Sony Maniradhan Madathani




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