Mr. Opesh Singh made the inception of Opesh Group possible in 2005. At a very young age of 21 years, he started his venture in the Drilling and Mining sectors, in India. Soon, he approached global markets, made his mark quite successfully in African Markets, at the age of 27, and is continuously adding feathers in his cap since last 15 years.

Opesh Singh has emerged as the youngest businessman, author, and consultant who has established himself as a multinational business owner and the notable thing about this fact is that he has done this afresh in a short time span of 15 years. Since 2005, he is running his business in different countries with various names like Opesh International Private Limited, Opesh Consultancy Private Limited and Earthwork Geotech Private Limited.

His modus operandi is very generic. According to him success can be found by sticking to schedules, being religious about duties and responsibilities, by adhering to latest technologies, influential marketing and branding techniques, positive mindset and a broad perspective.

His take on leadership, economy trends, and the immense knowledge about business strategies comes in instrumental in providing business solutions as an international coach and consultant who would always provide his clients with tangible solutions for their business challenges.

He provides tailor made solutions for his clients in form of daily sessions, in person. The sessions are developed in accordance with the requirements of his client’s business portfolio.

Mr Opesh singh, along with his team of subject matter experts, creates an action plan to optimize profits for a business need, by deploying his exclusive strategies, business plans, and policies. His team of international professionals, economists, regional planners, management specialists, and developers has the capability to lead his clients to the epitome of global success.

In order to enhance his spectrum Opesh Singh joined hands with Premium Consulting [Greece] on 11 November 2016. Dr. Emmanouil Nikolaidis Founder of Premium Consulting has a great exposure of 20 years in consulting sector in European countries.

For wider team of teams Opesh Group and Premium consulting ( Greece) joint hands together at November 11, 2016.
Dr Emmanouil Nikolaidis Founder of Premium Consulting have a vast experience of 20 years in consulting sector in European countries.

Together both Groups start working from 2016 in one platform to provide better result oriented services to our clients Globally in European, African and Asian continents.



We Belong to Opesh Singh’s Team

Co- Owner, Opesh Group.

We Belong to Opesh Singh’s Team