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Export Consultancy Services in India

Export Consultancy Services in India

Opesh Singh Consultancy brought the last bootcamp of this year on 16th December 2023 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 16 December is going to be a historic day as people who want to expand their business, people who want to start import export, people who want to start mining business, infrastructure business, want to open Hotel and Restaurant abroad, want to start property investment worldwide. If you want business growth in any segment and you start with 30% rule profit, then must Join 3B Business Bootcamp. In this bootcamp you will learn many things. If any one has unique ideas we will help them with funding for your business through Opesh Group.

Also, what is more important is not that we need funding. The importance is that even if we have money, how can we take our business to the world wide? How can we take our business to the next level? How can we tell our story? Friends, not only will you keep the story, you are looking for a sustainable business. Today, with our 15-16 years of experience, we will teach you in 3B business bootcamp, how you can do import and export with bulk orders and with Guaranteed payments. We will teach you how you can launch your brand. How do you start your manufacturing units aboard and in many countries where you will get five to fifteen years of tax holiday. A country where there will be only one or two manufacturing units in your segment and in the coming twenty years it is totally your carrier. That means friends your “One Stop Solution for Business Growth.” like IMPORT-EXPORT, MANUFACTURING,MINING, REAL-ESTATE, INFRASTRUCTURE, SERVICE SEGMENT. And if you want 2024 to be your year then friends, then don’t forget to join and after this bootcamp that 2024’s story will be all yours.

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